The Best List Of Paid Surveys For Cash
The Legitimate List of Honest Paid Survey Websites

The Best Sites That Pay You Money For A Survey Or Rewards for Surveys, Or Prizes. You Chose.

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Trusted Legitimate Paid Survey SitesGlobalTestMarket

globaltestmarket screen shotScreen Shot
Members are invited to participate in online surveys on numerous topics, and in return are eligible for cash or regular and frequent entry into sweepstakes. After you sign up and become a new GlobalTestMarket member, you just have to verify your account by clicking on an activation link in a confirmation email. Membership is free and their registration process is quick and easy. They pay in a point system.

Surveys range from 5-50 points, where each point is worth 10 cents. That's $5 a survey!

Complete online surveys and earn cash from GlobalTestMarket

Trusted Legitimate Paid Survey SitesOpinion Outpost

opinion outpost screen shotScreen Shot

Avoid The Paid Survey Scams
You shouldn't have to sign up or pay for FREE Public Information. View our
FAQ's to learn about scams
As an Opinion Outpost member, you will have a unique opportunity to help shape and influence the policies, products and services of the world around you. They are looking for honest consumers to share their opinions in order to make money for online paid surveys. It's an easy sign up, and you would fill out your profiles based on your interests. You will earn points redeemable for cash. Some of the surveys for cash you will do, can be paid in sweepstakes or will be surveys for prizes.
Find out more about their site here Opinion Outpost
Trusted Legitimate Paid Survey SitesSurveySpot
SurveySpot Screen ShotScreen Shot
One of my favorite online survey for money websites. The surveys you can take right from your browser, range from $2 up to $25 a survey. I've done a 3 part survey for money through this legitimate website, and received a reward for over $45 for those surveys. It took a few days, and maybe a total of 2 hours of my time, but well worth it. This site constantly has sweepstakes that pay well. They range from music, electronics, to video prizes, or plain sweepstake rewards up to $25,000. They will reward you pretty quickly, and I seem to have consistent daily surveys from them.
surveys4profit screen shotScreen Shot
Get paid for your opinion.
Survey4Profit members can earn as much as $5 to $75 per completed survey. For every survey you complete, you will earn cash, coupons and chances to win cool prizes. They even have multiple prizes that can be won including Plasma screen televisions, iPods, computers and cars.
Synovate screen shotScreen Shot
Synovate, a leading market research corporation, deems themselves the world’s 'most curious company'. They really want to find out what people like. They use that information to help product designers and manufacturers give you what you want. This company is good. Trustworthy and has interesting surveys. They offer cash rewards on quarterly sweepstakes and a point system to accumulate your reward. It's like you get paid taking surveys for money. Check them out Synovate UK
American Consumer Opnion Screen ShotScreen Shot

Learn how to spot fake Survey Scams
Learn about how to spot fake survey websites claiming to give you cash for taking surveys.
This company is a good company. They're simple, effective and will give you a decent amount of online surveys for cash. They pay fast and a good amount of money, can be earned from American Consumer Opinion. If you look at the actual check i've received from this company, you'll know for sure, this is a high quality survey site. Take your time and be honest when you are taking surveys for cash. Find out More about American Consumer Opinion
Trusted Legitimate Paid Survey Sites
e-rewards surveys screen shotScreen Shot
I like this company because they're straight forward, and fun. You can set how many surveys you'd like to receive. Take one survey or many many surveys. They have great interactive surveys, that really make you feel like sharing your opinion. My opinion is that this site is worth checking out. They only reward their panelists, BUT they treat they well. i have received rewards which turned into gift cards to get video games many times. They reward with frequent flyer miles and even hotel stays. Definitely worth your time and effort. Check out the e-rewards page for more info.
memolink screen shotScreenShot
Free Coupons:Save Big, Earn Rewards, Join Memolink
With this online consumer panel site, you can take surveys for rewards, and build up many points by either taking surveys, or shopping through their online affiliate stores, and building up reward points. Either way, you can earn some pretty great rewards. They have cash rewards for surveys where you will earn money from your home. They will also reward you for shopping at the stores you normally shop at. Check out their site for more info.
Take Surveys, Earn Points, Redeem Points For Free Rewards. Register Free! screen Screen Shot
All about The best survey for cash list
This best online surveys for cash list will guide you to those legit surveys for cash.

There are too many people being scammed by fake emails. Do not sign up for a unkown sender or "unkown survey company" that sends an email to your inbox. You should only get trusted paid surveys in your inbox, where the sender is known, and the survey starts right away. You should never have to sign up for a survey company from your inbox.
This company is legit. Straight forward, and will send you an honest paid email. Most of those emails are averaging $1-2 a survey. It's a pretty nice company because gives away $5000  monthly in cash rewards. The smaller amount of emails they send you, is worth at least being on your list of paid online emails. will pay you straight to your paypal account, which they'll help you set up. All your information confidential. Check out more information about the privacy policies with this legit survey for cash website.
Valued Opinions Screen Screen Shot
Create A Free Profile & Start Searching
Valued Opinions is owned by Research Now, a leading online fieldwork and panel specialist, and a trustworthy partner of the market research industry. They are Part of the BBB Better Business Bureau. You can trust them to help you make some rewards online in your spare time. Through the panel, you have a platform to share your views on business issues you experience and products you use. Its fun, it's easy and it's a quick way to make a buck. They have a monetary system, where each reward survey you take from your email inbox, you earn cash amounts in their account. Once you reach $20 in your cash account, you can then go back to their site to redeem your rewards. They have great rewards you can get. Many name brand gift certificates to Blockbuster, Marriott Hotels rewards cards, Macy's gift card, gift cards, even a visa debit card. I typically chose the rewards card because i can do surveys on my laptop and get the gift card directly in the mail, to start shopping.
Check out the Surveys For Rewards at Valued Opinions
survey exchange screen Screen Shot is a trustworthy paid surveys online website. They take pride in their work and how they treat their customers. It's a simple cash reward system they have developed. You can take around 6 surveys a month through this website, and once your account has reached 4,500 points doing surveys, you can trade those survey reward points in for cash. A good paid survey company.
survey savvy screen Screen Shot is a perfect example of a online paid free survey site. Not only are they considered an accredited business Better Business Bureau Logo All rights reserved by the Better Business Bureau, but they pay you for each survey you take. They also give you incentives for referring your family and friends - letting you make more money through free suvey websites, as the company grows! Change how companies bring you products, based on your interests. YOU can make the difference. These free online paid surveys are seriously nothing to overlook. From the cars you drive, to the food you eat, and to the technology you use in your day to day life, your opinions help to shape the decisions that business leaders are making. Joining is FREE!

Find out what our community of business professionals and consumers around the globe has already discovered - getting rewards and making a difference is easy.
Sign up and start earning now! screen shotGreenfield Online Screen Shot
Greenfield online surveys are great. They're simple, fun, sometimes lengthy, but worthwile. Very unique questions will be asked and all you have to do is follow your habits and hobbies and you'll share opinions with a nationwide free paid survey panel that is trustworthy. Take paid surveys right in your email inbox, in your own spare time and share your opinion. It's quick, free and easy to get paid by taking online surveys. will never charge you for membership. And as an added bonus, their members often receive cash and sweepstakes entries to thank them for making a difference. I've used them for many years, and now they pay straight into your paypal account the money you earn from those paid emails. Check out GreefieldOnline
Vocalabs Screen ShotVocalabs Screen Shot
Vocalabs is a clean and trustworthy survey panel that pays you directly to your paypal account, within 5 days. are great. They wont give your information to any third party company that will send you spam email or junk crap in through your yahoo or google or whatever free email service you use. Each paid survey will pay a minimum of $0.50. Typically, most surveys pay around $1.00. It's not a gold mine, but it does add up, especially in this economy when so many people are competing to make money in other places besides an outside office.

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